100% ANONOMYS Advice Column.

I grew up with a big sister and a big brother. It was a true blessing in my life and I have no idea who I would be if I didn’t have them!! When shit went down, my siblings were all I had. There are young women and men growing up without the guidance of an older siblings and positive role models showing them a good way. I want to open my arms to anybody that needs a sister during tough times. I am young, but I have seen a lot in my short life. I have been through a shit ton of unfortunate events and I promise nothing is too out of the ordinary. Reach out for help! Let it range from suicidal thoughts to loosing your virginity. This is a completely open place. Whether you are a young sista on the rez, or my high school classmate, you have an un- judgmental friend here, encouraging you to be the badass you were meant to be.

If you bless me with your identity, I will not post any personal information about who you are.

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