Starting Yellow Spirit Co.

My journey as a jeweler all started on a little island in the Pacific Ocean… The best one way ticket I’ve ever bought. I quit my job, sold my stuff, and trusted my spirit. After living there for a couple months, I had a friend who had come across a bunch of jewelry supplies, and shells. They put it on my lap and said “Here, make something.”

I started creating pieces with natural materials and selling at a local craft fair on Front Street. Lahaina’s tourist hot spot. I loved it! I found a tremendous amount of satisfaction through selling my own creations. Being out in the community, surrounded by other artists and creatives was paradise for me.


I went on different life adventures like competing for Miss Indian World, and solo traveling. I healed on the islands. I made different lifestyle decisions like becoming vegan and not wearing makeup. It helps that everyone who lives there is conscious af. I learned from the ocean and the stars. As my world gained reverence and light, I knew it was time to continue on my journey.

Today, I’m based in the City of Trees. Makin art and surrounding myself with other creative entrepreneurs. The new energy is fresh and exciting. With the new rebel styles and woke conversations.. The future is Yellow!