Change takes courage
— alexdria ocasio-cortez

What inspires you?

People who push the limits of creation and discovery. I aspire to be like them. Letting their imagination roam barefoot through the jungles of the unknown. The parents, scientists, and creatives that have the ability to evolve the world around them. I love listening to new new friends talk about their ideas and wonders. Scientists, writers, graphic designers, musicians… etc.

Nature. Not only does she heal of my heart, body, and soul.. she teaches me. I watch the natural cycles of her seasons, storms, and waters. When she breaths, I copy her. When she blooms, I paint the colors of her flowers on my shoes. Reminded to be primal, and human. I can adapt like the chameleon, protect like a bear, and play like a cat.

Film. Film is a combination of all art forms. It takes a village to make a movie. From the costumes to the cameras, down to the writers!! (and of course the bad ass production assistants) This is my idea of art witchcraft. A well done film puts the viewer under a spell of empathy and reflection. Only the brilliant can make me smell the tears of a rotting egg.


What do you hope to get from this?

“Community. I want to connect with people worldwide. Swap pictures and stories of our cultures and current events. Share artwork and creations of every medium.

Lack of community leads to depression, suicide, and drug/alcohol abuse. I am hoping for to be a positive place for cultures, young adults, artists and indigenous peoples to come together and be themselves.”