Becoming yellow

I was given the name Yellow Spirit Girl at 2 years old by my Wadopana Chief, Tatag’ga  Ohidigesa (The Buffalo that is Always Brave ) I am an enrolled member of the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes from Fort Peck Montana. My family is from the Wadopana band and my moms’ side is from a tribe from Mexico.

Mekele X Yellow Spirit

My journey has been a mix between my deep tradish roots infused with the modern world that raised me. How one stays on a lit path to become a Yellow Spirit while dealing with the awesome american society, divorced parents, and the undeniable urge to question all authority?  You learn quick… thats how! Then use the world’s lessons to etch the very design of your wings. I was gifted my true identity early on and it has guided me down the perfect hand crafted path. Creating an explosive time bomb of  an unapologetic Yellow Spirit. Its aaaaaaall simply just a balancing act. 

There is a simple explanation of why I am creating a blog!  Having a public diary is humbling and I can learn more about the world. When I am traveling or shopping at my local market, I find myself sharing my secrets with strangers all the time.  When I open myself up to have a deeper connection with the other humans it reminds me that I am not alone. From every embarrassing story I cry to the old lady in the produce section, I realize that I have more in common with others than not. In order for me to heal and grow from my current humiliations and failures, I must accept em’ for what they are. You and the world will soon know all of my deepest secrets, hardest lessons and dope travel stories. I hope that encourages you to read my first blog post!!

-Yellow Spirit Girl

“Once upon a time,

A yellow spirit was born,

As she grew,

she never let anyone tell her what to do.

So she dumped dish soap into the jacuzzi

and watched as her bubble empire grew.”